Environmental Education – Tourism


Service Organization

There are four employees at the Turin office: the manager in charge, who is directly in charge of the Environmental Education Office, a collaborator and two assistants.
The Service makes use of external temporary workers for specific projects and to ensure some services to the general public.


The Service is in charge of information to the general public and communication of the natural and environmental features of the protected area, as well as of the promotion of the area as a whole. This task is performed by means of the production of materials, the organization of events and shows, the organization of visitors’ centres, natural trails, exhibitions and fairs.
Some examples:
- creation of brochures, magazines, books, gadgets, maps, videos, internet sites, etc.;
- organization and management of educational activities (schools), guided tours, visitors centres, cultural and tourist events, conferences, volunteers, library, video and photo library, audio and video instruments;
- staff training (Park interpreters, VC workers and others) and consulting services to students and researchers;
- marketing of information, education and promotional materials;
- relationships with the associations and the local businesses for projects to enhance and promote local resources (traditions, crafts, wine and food …).

Tourist Office
Planning, design and management of activities connected to the use of the protected area; coordination and implementation of policies for the quality of structures and services for the use of the Park; coordination, update and management of multimedia instruments for promotion and communication; communication and information on the local area; planning and management of the network of Visitors Centres and of the other facilities available to the general public.

Environmental Education Office
Coordination, design, research, study and implementation; creation of technical-administrative documents; education and communication activities.

Offices and address

Cristina Del Corso (manager ad interim) - tel. 0039 011 86.06.230
Email cristina.delcorso@pngp.it

Nicoletta Fedrighini 
tel. 0118606202 
Email nicoletta.fedrighini@pngp.it

Samuela Urani
tel 0118606232 
Email samuela.urani@pngp.it 

Tourist Office - Environmental Education

Central Tourism Secretary
tel. 011 8606233, e-mail: info@pngp.it

Tourism Secretary Piedmont side
e-mail: info.pie@pngp.it

Visitors Centre Ceresole Reale (TO), tel. 0124 953321.

Visitors Centres coordination
tel. 0124-901070 
e-mail: manuela.roscio@pngp.it

Visitors Centre Noasca (TO), tel 0124 901070.

Environmental Education Centre, Noasca (TO), tel. 0124 901914 or 348 3010016

Visitors Centre Locana (TO), tel 0124 83557.

Visitors Centre Ribordone (TO), tel. 345 4357592.

Ecomuseum copper forge Ronco Canavese (TO), tel 338 6316627.

Information point Ronco Canavese (TO), tel 0124 817377.

Information point Cuorgné (TO), tel 0124 651799.

Tourism secretary Valle d'Aosta side tel. 0165 749264, e-mail: info.vda@pngp.it

Visitors centre Rhemes Notre Dame (AO), tel e fax 0165 936193.

Visitors centre Valsavarenche (AO), tel e fax 0165 905500.

Visitors centre Cogne (AO), tel 0165 749264, fax 0165 749618.

Alpin Garden Paradisia Cogne (AO), tel e fax 0165 74147.