Service organization

The institutional task of this service is the surveillance of the Park area and its environment.
At the head of its structure there is an official (inspector), who coordinates the activities of the whole service. In each of the five Park valleys (Orco, Soana, Cogne, Valsavarenche and Rhêmes) there is a person in charge of the valley (supervisor) helped by some deputy supervisors. S/he is in charge of surveillance in his/her valley, of its organization and checks that it is carried out according to the instructions given.
The Park rangers are usually in service in their valley, and carry out their activity more specifically in one of the 35 surveillance areas of the Park area.
At the moment there are 62 people in the Surveillance Service.

The main activity of Park rangers is environmental surveillance. They have diverse tasks: from fighting against poaching to town planning control, from checks on tourist behaviour to checks on litter abandonment.
However, there is not only strict surveillance. Being thoroughly present in the area means being able to gather unique information and scientific data, fundamental for a whole series of research projects carried out by Universities and other Institutions: from ibex and chamois counts to their capture by means of remote narcosis with the objective of repopulation, from measuring glaciers to black grouse and ptarmigan counts.
There is also a teaching role: classes in schools, accompanying groups in the Park and information to tourists are part of the everyday activity of the Park rangers.
Last but not least, rescue operations in mountains, carried out in collaboration with experts and volunteers from the Alpine Rescue Service in Piedmont and Val d’Aosta.

Offices and revenues

Inspector(manager): Stefano Cerise
Mobile: +39-347-2398441

It's possible to contact other offices in the valleys:

Orco Valley
Fraz. Jamonin 5, Noasca, tel. and fax 0039 0124 901040
Piero Chabod (manager)

Soana Valley
Via Vittorio Emanuele, Ronco Canavese, tel. and fax 0039 0124 817433 e- mail
Renzo Guglielmetti Flemma (manager)

Fraz. Dègioz 11, Valsavarenche, tel. and fax 0039 0165 905808 - Email:
Giovanni Bracotto (manager)

Valle di Cogne
Cogne, tel. 0039 0165 74025 fax 0039 0165 749007 -
Roberto Cristofori (manager)

Valle di Rhemes
Fraz. Bruil 27, Rhemes N.D.,tel. 0039 0165 936116 fax 0039 0165 936914 - Email:
Stefano Borney (manager)