The squirrel

The squirrel lives in conifer and non-conifer forests close to the border between woodland and high grasslands. Its body measures 18-25 cm not including the tail, and the tail itself measures 14-20 cm.
Squirrels are active by day, spending most of their time in the trees, but they also gather food from the ground. They eat mainly tree seeds, but also shoots, tubers and mushrooms.
The squirrel does not hibernate: it survives through the winter months by making a nest in a forked branch.
In summer its coat is reddish-brown, but some individuals are darker. In winter it becomes more dark grey to black. The squirrel is spread evenly throughout the park’s territory. The species is being subjected to echo-ethological research, as its conservation is under threat from the expansion of the grey squirrel, originally from America.

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