Park Ambassadors

Park Ambassadors

The Park, in order to involve commercial and tourist operators who live and work in the protected area, promotes the initiative "Park Ambassadors."

Hotels and lodges managers, ski instructors, mountain guides and sports instructors are often the first to come into contact with tourists who visit the Park each year, the goal is to raise awareness and inform the public about the importance and the possibilities provided by the protected area, thanks to figures that every day live the territory and can talk about it personally.

"On the territory of the Park work many have professionals that have relations with the public, people that we think can help us convey the cultural identity of the valleys, with particular attention to the environment, culture, traditions and food and wine," explains the President Italo Cerise, "Become Park Ambassador means for us to tell, spread and apply, from a wide point of view, the knowledge acquired but also educate on respect of nature and heritage of the Park, in order to improve the relationship with the public and the sense of belonging of people who work in the protected area".

The title of “Park Ambassador” has been recognized to all those who have shared the project taking part to some of the follow-up meetings, held by the Body staff and by external experts; the themes will be treated in an interactive mode, leaving space for interventions and debate. 

Operators belonging to accommodation facilities that will receive the title of Ambassador will have an identification element at its structure (a sail or a flag), designed and realized by the Park for the 2014.

Mountain guides and sport instructors will receive instead a mark that will be affixed to their uniform. The principle is to give tourists a visually immediate indication of where you can find personnel, not only qualified, but also able to provide information about the Park: for this reason also Valley Surveillance locations, Visitors Centres and tourist information points will be furnished of countermarks.

Here is the ambassadors list:

Surname and nameValley sideActivity
Allara SergioPiedmontTrademark operator
Barberi MargheritavdaTrademark operator
Berthod EmiliavdaTrademark operator
Berthod MilenavdaTrademark operator
Berthod TizianavdaChabod hut supervisor
Bertino Pier CarloPiedmontUISP operator
Bonetto MirellaPiedmontTrademark operator
Caserio CesarePiedmont

Trademark operator

Cassulo MartaPiedmont

junior ambassador

Caviglia FrancescovdaTrademark operator
Ceretto-Castigliano LucaPiedmontsnowboard and ski instructor
Coggiola RobertoPiedmontalpine guide
Coldesina DavidePiedmontTrademark operator
Collavo Raffaelevdaenvironmental hiking guide 
Dalla Gasperina StefanoPiedmontalpine guide
Daniele Luca GiuseppePiedmontalpine guide
Dolfi CassandroPiedmontnordic walking instructor
Facchin PaoloPiedmontUISP operator
Garbino PiermarioPiedmontOSV hiking trekking UISP
Ghiardi AndreaPiedmontalpine guide
Giove AlessandroPiedmontTrademark operator
Giughello BrunoPiedmontprov. TO employer
Goglio GilbertoPiedmontclimbing UISP/city councilman Alpette
Grassi Detragiaché LauravdaB&B Aosta supervisor
Mappelli JeanvdaSella hut supervisor
Marsili SabrinaPiedmontsport climbing - SASP Torino
Martin ClaudiavdaRSG landlady
Massetto LidiaPiedmontTrademark operator
Meynet LucianavdaTrademark operator
Nardi BrunaPiedmontTrademark operator
Nora Anna MariaPiedmontS.Anna Sanctuary Locana committee
Oberto Alesssandra RitaPiedmontTrademark operator
Ortu Anna MariavdaBoton d'Or agritourism
Pasquettaz Ines MariapiemonteCAI Pontese tour board
Pellissier Paolovdaalpine guide/Vittorio Emanuele hut supervisor
Pezzetti MarcoPiedmontTrademark operator
Pozzini PaolavdaTrademark operator
Priod EvavdaTrademark operator
Querio Massimo AttilioPiedmontCAI Pontese secretary
Reano IvoPiedmontRegional operator CAI TAM
Riolfo GuglielmoPiedmontjunior ambassador
Rolando MarcoPiedmontTrademark operator/cross-country skiing instructor
Nordic walking
Rollandin MartaPiedmontUISP Ivrea Environment sector
Rosati Sergio DarioPiedmontCAI Cuorgné guide
Roscio ManuelaPiedmont118 voluntary instructor
Saudin SerenavdaTrademark operator
Seren Rosso LaraPiedmontproloco Alpette
Sponton AlessiavdaFGP employer
Tranchero HervéPiedmontalpine guide/hut supervisor outside PNGP
Tuberosa EzioPiedmontPNGP councilor/IREN employer
Tuberosa MatteoPiedmontsnowboard instructor
Yuzvikova Yuliavdacompany consultant
Zuccarelli AngeloPiedmontmountaneering/hiking CAI Torino