Anello Valnontey - Vittorio Sella hut - Herbetet

The itinerary starts from the Valnontey village, next to the Paradisia Alpine Garden, where almost all the natural environments of our mountains have been reproduced, so as a butterflies garden, which view is suggested, before walking through the itinerary. The trail winds for the first part into the forest to then continue in the high altitude meadows; the area is one of the most frequented by the animal symbol of the Park, the ibex, other than chamois and marmots. Before arriving to the shelter, it is worth stopping at the Lauson alpine pastures and look around curious cute marmots. After a brief stop at the hut, take the walking again towards Herbetet pasture achievable, after surpassing the wonderful Lakes of Lauson, by proceeding with caution in the most exposed sections (presence of additional chains).

The view on the head of the Valley is gorgeous, from the Patri tips, to the Apostoli, Roccia viva, Becca di Gay, Testa di Crou and Valnontey, even more Punta Ceresole and Gran Paradiso. Definitely a belvedere on the head of Valnontey. The return, after an initial steep descent, follows all the Valley passing first the Pont de l'erfaulet, the characteristic village of Valmianaz and the interesting Prà Suppiaz peat-bog, with the flora and fauna of the high altitude wetlands.

Path accessible with dogs from Valnontey to the Sella hut, from the 15th of July to the 31st of August. 

Starting place: 
Starting altitude: 
1667 m slm
Arrival place: 
Valnontey (Giro ad anello passando per rif. Sella, Laghi Lauson, Casolari Herbetet)
Arrival altitude: 
quota max raggiunta 2660 m slm
Trail sign: 
18 (fino al rifugio), poi 18b
921 m di dislivello positivo
E - escursionistico
5 km
Walking time: 
5 h (2h 30’ until the hut). For those who want to make the excursion shorter, once the Vittorio Sella or the Lauson lakes have been reached, it's possible to go back to Valnontey walking the uphill way back.
Periodo consigliato: 
July - September
Valle di Cogne
Tipo di sentiero: 
Sentieri estivi
Accessibile con cani
Support points: 

Vittorio Sella hut