Bruil - Alpe Entrelor - Plan de Feye

Departure from the main hamlet of Rhêmes Notre Dame with clear signs, passed the Dora di Rhêmes, climb up the Entrelor valley. Don't consider the deviations to the Sort valley or to the Chaudanne village and after some uphill sections in the woods you will come close to the precious Entrelor alpine pasture, also called Pian delle marmotte. Entering the Valley you reach the next characteristic pasture called Plan de Feye where wildlife sightings, particularly Chamois and marmots are frequent. A final stage could be the Entrelor glues (3007 m above sea level) where the horizon ranges from the far away Mont Blanc to the nearby Gran Paradiso: we suggest this path to expert hikers because of the difficulties arising on the final part that become harder in case of freezing conditions.

Starting place: 
Starting altitude: 
1723 m slm
Arrival place: 
Pian de la Feye
Arrival altitude: 
2390 m slm
Trail sign: 
10 - AV2
667 m
E - escursionistico
Walking time: 
1h 05’ (Alpe Entrelor), 1h 45’ (Plan de Feye)
Periodo consigliato: 
July - September
Valle di Rhêmes
Tipo di sentiero: 
Sentieri estivi
Support points: 

Entrelor alpin pasture

Plan de Feye alpine pasture