Next to Villa Poma, on the right orographic side of the lake in Ceresole Reale, a wide path starts, after around ten minutes it splits into two lines, running from one side towards the Passo della Crocetta, from the other towards Dres lake and the Leonesi alpine huts. Passed the main stream, the route is within one of the most interesting coniferous forests of the Park, both for the richness of wood represented (larch, spruce, white fir, pine), both for the grandeur of some specimens. The route continues in a picturesque expanse of pastures in front of Eastern Levanna and finally it arrives in the glacial lock filled by the waters of the lake, where it's possible to spot the common frog, species that lays its eggs in the alpine lakes even more than 2500 m of altitude.

Starting place: 
Ceresole Reale - Villa Poma
Starting altitude: 
1584 m slm
Arrival place: 
Dres lake
Arrival altitude: 
2087 m slm
Trail sign: 
503 m
E - escursionistico
4 km
Walking time: 
2 ore
Periodo consigliato: 
june - october
Valle Orco
Tipo di sentiero: 
Sentieri estivi
Support points: 

Leonesi hut