Pian dell'Azaria - Grange Barmaion

Leave the car in the Piazzale Campiglia Soana, take the dirt road that leads to Pian of Azaria. The route has only some climb to reach the broad plateau of the basin at the bottow of the rocky ridges of Rancio. A typical alpine forest mixed of deciduous and coniferous accompanied along the way to end in Gr. Barmaion only with beautiful specimens of spruce and larch trees. Beyond the pasture, the forest gives way to the alpine meadow, rich in colorful blooms frequented by important species of butterflies and other alpine insects. On the rocky and grasslands slopes it's easy to sight quiet chamois grazing.

Path accessible with dogs until grange Barmaion including the touristic-sport loop route, from the 15th of July to the 31st of August. 

Not to be missed:

- Campiglia old town
- alpin pasture
- oasis dedicated to Mario Rigoni Stern




Starting place: 
Piazzale Campiglia Soana
Starting altitude: 
1350 m slm
Arrival place: 
Grange Barmaion
Arrival altitude: 
1650 m slm
300 m of positive altitude
T - turistico
Walking time: 
2h 30 in total
Valle Soana
Tipo di sentiero: 
Sentieri estivi
Accessibile con cani