The old school of Maison

Location: Borgata Maison, Noasca (TO)
Tel:  0124-901070 (Noasca Visitors Centre
Opening hours: Upon reservation, call for information. 

The building and the classroom of the Borgata Maison primary school, active until 1962, were restored via the recovery of the furnishings and materials in use at the time, including the preparation of the bedroom where the teacher used to stay during the school period. The school is located at a height of approximately 1600 m., on the mule-track of the Vallone del Roc, which is one of the most interesting itineraries on the Piedmont side of the Park, reaching a number of villages of great historical and scenic value, as well as passing through an area of natural merit. The Park Body carried out the intervention between 1999 and 2000, with the aim of preserving basic cultural values for the environmental education of the visitors. The school is visible from the path, but it is necessary to book a guided tour to enter and admire the inside.

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