Ceresole Reale: Homo et Ibex

Location: Loc. Prese - Ceresole Reale (TO)


Easter and Easter Monday (27th-28th March) 
Sunday 24th - monday 25th April
Sunday 1st May
opening hours: from 4 pm to 5 pm

In order to offer a better service during the spring holidays it's possible to get informations on the territory, the Gran Paradiso National Park and on the events addressed to the public, in Pian della Balma at the Tourist Office of Ceresole Reale, where the unified informations service will be available. In order to visit the interactive exhibition dedicated to the relationship between man and ibex in the Park Museum ("Homo et Ibex") in Prese hamlet, it will be possible to enjoy a tour with the guide from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Number for informations and checks of opening days and hours: 0124-953321

E-mail: info.pie@pngp.it

€ 2,50 --> adults
€ 2,00 --> class, groups and possessor of FAI-Italian National Trust card 
free entrance --> children under 6 and senior over 65

Reservation are mandatory for groups (min. 15 - max. 25) and class (min. 10 - max. 25).

The visitors centre has been set up inside a building which previously housed the Grand Hotel of Ceresole. The main theme of the new exibition focuses on the relationship between mankind and the ibex in history and art to this days. Intresting the multimedia materials available to the visitor and the recostructions, such as those panels that evoke a cave with prehistoric drawings depicting the first Ibexes and hunting scenes of that era. There are also exposed many objects of daily use, collections of photographs and paintings as well as references to myths and legends born around this mountain animal.