Cogne visitor centre

Location: Miners Village, Cogne (AO)
Phone number: 0039 0165-75301
Opening: Opening times and info

Visitor centers on Aosta Valley side will open in summer.

The Cogne Visitors Centre was opened in 2007. TutelAttiva Laboratorio Park, is the title of the centre that presents itself to visitors as a "Park Laboratory", a research laboratory where events can be studied and understood, the knowledge of the natural environment can be increased and Park decisions for land use and management can be analysed.
Managing a protected area means harmonizing the knowledge of data by means of careful use of resources in a constantly changing area.
The complex and dynamic evolution of the Park is presented, as in an experimentation laboratory, by means of explanatory models, multimedia systems and interactive games, many role plays and a unique "sensory area" that gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate nature’s scents and hear the typical sounds of the wood.
The Cogne Visitors Centre develops the following themes: Water, by means of models that show the effects of water on the land, describe floods and the interaction between human dwellings and hydro geological aspects; Wood and Pasture, by means of a "multimedia" immersion in the life of a woodsman and the simulation of significant choices for wood conservation; Wildlife and Man, where interaction methods between man and animals can be analysed.
Besides its natural target, the visitor who loves nature, the Centre also speaks to schools, since the exhibition, for the topics dealt with and its interactive mode of use, is well suited to students’ groups visits.
During opening times, a Park ranger is present in the Centre, who can provide expert and detailed information to satisfy all curiosities.

The visitors centre of the Valle d'Aosta side of the Park are managed in collaboration with Fondation Grand Paradis.